Number Kit
0-1000000+ Number Kit
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0-1000000+ Number Kit
Primary Years – Let’s Do This!
Year Three to Year Six Expectation
8 to 13 years of age
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Our 0 – 1,000,000+ Number Kit is HUGE!

It is jam-packed with FOUR YEARS of resources.

From Year Three onwards, there is a significant shift in what students are expected to learn. A lot of new concepts are introduced in Year Three and are extended and built upon throughout the remaining years of primary school. There is a significant focus on place value, properties of numbers, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, and order of operations.

It is important that children are surrounded by visual and physical representations of these concepts so they are able to develop deep knowledge and understanding. To have these resources at home for your child to explore and practice with at their own pace, in their own home allows for significant impact. Your child will become more confident in their abilities and it will show both at school and at home. These four years are crucial to prepare your child for their upcoming high school years where math concepts become even more abstract.

NOTE: Please note some of the products vary in colour in each box.  

Resources Included
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