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The presentation and quality of the Educational Kits are impeccable and the knowledge and confidence they have given me to help my children learn and develop at home is exponential. We are grateful for finding Educational Kits for Home!

Small Business Owner
Inverell, NSW

As a teacher and mum of two under school age kids, I have always tried to incorporate math concepts into my kids daily routines; counting washing, finding shapes in the environment for example. So I was excited to try Educational Kits for Home 0-20 Number Kit.

I was instantly impressed with the quality of the materials in the kits. After using the materials for only 15 minutes, I could see the engagement with my 4 year old son and see him soaking up the concepts in ways that I had underestimated he could at his age.

Since using the kits, I have noticed how naturally mathematical language is incorporated into daily activities and am more confident knowing where my child’s abilities are and what is expected at his age level. My initial thought was that school would do the job of teaching Maths, but I can see how (like reading) these skills need to be practiced at home.

Shanna is a guru of Maths education- leading schools and teachers in engaging and using targeted maths strategies. Creating Educational Kits for Home has been her passion and is a much needed resource that is unlike anything else on the market.

I would recommend this product to any parent who cares about their child’s learning and understands that screen time or written workbook activities serve a different purpose than the hands-on deep learning that this product provides.

Primary School Teacher
Gloucester, NSW

Maths is a much loved hobby in our house. We realised that our little girl had a massive interest in numbers and how they work. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have access to many hands-on materials that would take her interest in maths and numbers further.

Along came the amazing resources in Educational Kits! We constantly use the kit’s resources and activity ideas. Our kit has helped us support our girl’s learning, directly related to what is happening at school, by providing her with the same or similar resources that are offered in a school setting. We have seen our girl consolidate and challenge herself through number maths concepts. During home learning in lockdown this kit was an absolute life-saver!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Kindergarten Kit to any parent preparing their child for school or for those parents who feel like they need to support their child during the school year! We love our kit and I know so many children and parents out there will love them, too!

Primary School Teacher
Port Macquarie, NSW

When lockdown started again, I was working full time in my business from home and my husband had just taken on more hours at his work. I was feeling quite stressed and guilty that I was not able to dedicate as much time and energy to my son’s home schooling as I wanted. He was becoming disengaged fast!!! And I was becoming frustrated and snappy…. And then our Kit arrived…. OMG, it was a game changer!!

He had sooo much fun! WE had so much Fun! His curiosity went through the roof and my anxiety around the situation dissipated instantly! Since having our kit, my son’s confidence with not only maths, but in his overall ability to learn, create and focus has significantly developed. We use our kit for everything… schoolwork, playing, creating… working out pocket money for chores around the house and even adding up for ingredients when cooking. It has made homework a family fun event and during lock down allowed him to have autonomy and remain engaged.

The home education kit is phenomenal. I have looked for good learning tools before but have never ever found anything to this level of quality. It is great! I highly recommend and will definitely be purchasing the next kit up when my son is ready for it… I think we have Christmas sorted for the next few years. He LOVES it!

Business Development Coach
Tamworth, NSW

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